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03/04/13 – The Fairfield Partnership submits planning application for up to 800 new homes at Elsenham
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08/01/13 – Uttlesford District must plan for more homes for future need – Independent survey reveals half of residents support a new settlement if housing numbers are increased:

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23/11/12 – The Fairfield Partnership welcomes feedback on emerging plans for north-east Elsenham
Around 750 people attended the recent public exhibitions on The Fairfield Partnership’s proposals for new housing, supported by jobs, schools and associated infrastructure and services on land to the north-east of Elsenham.

The public exhibitions enabled the local community to find out about The Fairfield Partnership’s emerging plans, to express their views and to provide constructive feedback on how the proposals could be improved as The Fairfield Partnership prepares to submit a planning application in the New Year.

Steve Biart, on behalf of The Fairfield Partnership, said:
"We would like to thank the community for coming to our exhibitions and for providing feedback on our proposals. We had some good conversations with local residents and came away with many detailed comments to consider as we finalise our plans."
"The vast majority of attendees were from Elsenham and Henham which are the two nearest villages to our site and we fully accept that those residents who attended did not like the idea of having new development in their backyards. But the inconvenient truth is that the district needs more homes than it is currently planning for and the Council’s strategy of adding more and more housing onto market towns is just not a sustainable approach to the level of growth required."
"We are not promoting our site as a standalone solution to this issue. However, our proposals provide an opportunity for the district to plan for the full level of growth required in a highly sustainable location, with housing supported by new infrastructure close to jobs."

Many visitors took the opportunity to leave comments at the exhibitions. Feedback will continue to be accepted until the 3 December.

12/09/12 – The Fairfield Partnership announce plans for 3,000 home masterplan for north-east Elsenham
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17/08/12 - House price hell for hard-pressed Herts and Essex families
The National Housing Federation has published a report stating that the average house price in Uttlesford has risen from £191,252 in 2001 to £328,309 in 2011 while average annual earnings in the same time have only risen from £17,300 to £20,831. The research also found that the average amount required for a deposit jumped from £19,125 in 2001 to £82,077, a figure that has left many first-time buyers unable to get onto the property ladder. Click here for more info

24/07/12: – Census 2011 shows elderly population in Essex is on the rise and above national average.
The 2011 census data has shown that the population of Essex who are over-65 is at 18.3 per cent, above the national average of 16.4 per cent. The proportion of the county's residents aged 85 and over is now at 2.53 per cent, an increase of just under 33 per cent on the 2001 census. This data reinforces The Fairfield Partnership's argument that the housing strategy in UDC's Draft Local Plan, which is based on an economic (jobs) based forecast, is flawed as it does not take full account of the number of economically inactive residents in the district, so 3,300 homes is too low. The figures also highlight that an ageing population in Uttlesford means it is in danger of becoming economically stagnant as young people cannot afford to live and work in the district. Click here for more info

23/07/12: – The Fairfield Partnership submit representations to Uttlesford District Council 'Developing Uttlesford' consultation.
The Fairfield Partnership has submitted its formal representation to the council's consultation on its Draft Local Plan. Click here for a copy of the full representation.

23/07/12: - A leaflet prepared and distributed independently by The Fairfield Partnership stating that UDC's housing numbers are too low and promoting a single, sustainable settlement at Elsenham. Click here for a copy of the leaflet.

21/06/2012: IPPR report on the English housing crisis outlines strategy for house-building and housing market improvements

13/03/12: Approvals for new homes declines in Q4: On March 1, the Home Builders Federation (HBF) published a report entitled Housing Pipeline, which revealed only 27,732 homes across England were granted planning approval in the fourth quarter of 2011.
The figures represent a fall from the third quarter of 2011 and from the fourth quarter of 2010. The figure represents the lowest recorded by the Federation since it began the survey in 2007. The report serves to highlight the shortfall in new housing throughout England and the need for more housing to come through the planning system.
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02/02/12: A leaflet prepared and distributed independently by The Fairfield Partnership to promote its proposals for sustainable new housing on land to the north east of Elsenham.
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06/09/10: Response on behalf of The Fairfield Partnership.
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12/04/10: Fairfield progresses plans for sustainable new community to the north east of Elsenham.
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