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Fairfield Partnership Logo

The Fairfield Partnership is a highly regarded corporate partnership between Fairview Strategic Land Ltd and Marchfield Developments Ltd, which oversees and advises on residential and commercial developments across the country. The Fairfield Partnership leads the consultant team and oversees the entire project. Marchfield Management Services LLP provides advice on strategic land and planning issues to its client, The Fairfield Partnership.

David Lock Logo

David Lock Associates (DLA) is a leading independent urban design and town planning company. Led by Chairman David Lock CBE, DLA specialises in regeneration, urban extension, new settlements, strategic and development planning and implementation. DLA leads the masterplanning of the project and its promotion through the planning process.

WSP Logo

WSP Development and Transportation takes the lead on transport and infrastructure issues relating to The Fairfield Partnership's landholdings north east of Elsenham. WSP will be producing a full Transport Assessment to support proposals for a new settlement at Elsenham, which will outline transport and infrastructure improvements to support the development, and provide detailed information on Elsenham as a highly sustainable site in terms of infrastructure and transport links.

LDA Design Logo

LDA Design focuses on issues surrounding the ecology of the project and are experts in landscape architecture, urban design, architecture, planning and ecology. LDA will be key to delivering the sustainable development planned for Elsenham and the company’s experience of both landscape and urban design will be pivotal in designing an integrated new settlement and its long-term management.

Camargue Logo

Camargue is one of the largest independent public relations agencies in the UK and specialises in the construction, transport, infrastructure, environmental and property sectors. Camargue will take the lead on communications relating to the development, as well as public consultation.